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The Lord of the Rings


  • PEZ!?

    [Note: In another attempt to make a quick buck, here is a PEZ LOTR set! OK, I can see whoring out the other characters, they'd probably enjoy seeing their faces on a PEZ, but everyone's favorite hero Sauron?! And... hey, what the fuck is Yoda doing in there?!]

    [Above: Poor, poor Sauron... (or at least his eye?!)]



  • Flyer

    [Note: I mean really, of all the diseases, viruses, infections and plagues, why would you pick herpes!?]

    [Below: Would you stamp your name on the back of a Herpes advertisement? Stan did! HA!]

    Todesstrafe fur Kindermorder


  • German Sticker

    [Note: By far not the strangest sticker or flyer that I've got in the underground, but it is odd. This means 'Death penalty for child murderers!']


    [Above: In contrast is this piece of idiotic litter of a flyer, no doubt created by some ten year old who got mad at his little sister for telling on him when she caught him beating off to her dolls. 'Re-write the Fourteen Words'? You need to first learn how to spell. 'Painful' only has one 'L', loser.]



  • ???

    [Note: This sticker reigns supreme as the most anti-human, most indecipherable, most 'what in the fuck does that say?' sticker in the history of man. To think, someone actually sat down, designed it, and then said to themselves 'This is the symbol of all of my work.' Stick this on your bumper and be the envy of all blind people!]

    Rudolf Hess and the Frei Korps


  • Stickers

    [Note: One of my favorite human beings. Rudolf Hess - The Prisoner of Peace. Hess Flew to England at the start of WW2 on a peace mission and was then imprisoned for the next 46 years. An entire prison housed him (Spandau) alone. It is one of the greatest injustices of humankind. Even America and England wanted to free him, but the communist Russians refused. Eventually they murdered him in his prison cell. The sticker says 'I Regret Nothing!' Which is how he felt until the end. He is quoted as saying that he would change nothing in his life. He knew he did nothing wrong.
    The Frei Korps sticker says 'Always and Forever'.]



  • Flyer

    [Note: I've never heard this Chilean band before, but their flyer is very bold when it says 'Devastating crusher of the Abism...'
    You don't know what that means? Yeah... me neither...
    But hey, it definitely sounds like something that needs crushed!]

    Plastic Head Mailorder Flyer


  • 'Epic as Fuck'

    [Note: Does the back of that shirt really say 'EPIC AS FUCK'? If so, that is 'GAY AS FUCK'.]



  • Sticker

    [Note: I hear this band was very popular in Pompeii.
    (I'm sorry if you had family that died there, that joke was very insensitive).]

  • But speaking of Mount Vesuvius, here's some pictures of its victims and the inadvertent preservation of the city's artifacts:

    [Above: This mosaic which says 'Cave Canem' in Latin means 'Beware of Dog']

    [Above: Another mosaic of a dog]

    [Above: And not to leave out the cat... and ducks]

    [Above: Errr, okay, carry on, nothing to see here, just your average everyday guy... with a huge dripping dong]

    [Above: A beautiful mural]

    [Above: A beautiful mural]

    [Above: A beautiful mural]

    [Above: A beautiful mural]

    [Above: Wow, very cool]

    [Above: Ancient pornography before the internet]

    [Above: Ancient pornography before the internet]

    [Above: Ancient pornography before the internet]

    [Above: Ancient pornography before the internet]

  • When we hear the name Mount Vesuvius we first think about the eruption that led to the burying of over a thousand unfortunate souls in Pompeii in AD 79. Lesser known is another city also destroyed called Herculaneum, as well as several other settlements. The volcano released a hundred thousand times the thermal energy released by the Hiroshima-Nagasaki bombings! Many people were covered in the hot ash, preserving forever their last moments. Here are two:

  • As a final note, in 1752 1,800 papyri were found in the ruins of the city of Herculaneum, carbonized by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. The papyri, containing a number of Greek philosophical texts, come from the only surviving library from antiquity that exists in its entirety.

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