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Discoid A


  • Patch

    [Note: I got this patch in the mail from a friend, but had never heard of this band. Apparently they are described as 'punk crust d-beat fastcore noisecore powerviolence'. I listened to a song on youtube and absolutely hated it. Chaos and a very, very, very irritating vocalist, seriously, you owe it to yourself to go to youtube and listen to 'DISCOID A - NOISE NOT MUSIC DEMO TAPE'. It is so totally horrible you will be stunned by its utter offensiveness to your ears! This is the most abrasive shit I've ever heard in all my days of listening to music! It is that bad! My god... as this plays in the background while I write this I am even more amazed at how bad this is. This may be the worst fucking thing ever recorded! But, I guess the band did warn us: 'Noise not music'.]

    Reborn from Ashes


  • 'Zine

    [Note: This 2012 'zine showcases some of Mark Riddick's excellent art on the cover. The Riddick brothers were amongst the first people we met online after starting the Mourning the Ancient website. We emailed them about their band ...The Soil Bleeds Black and interviewed them. They later even graciously contributed a music track to our 2001 film. Although it's been well over a decade since I've talked to the Riddick brothers, I still think they are some of the most talented and super cool people in the scene.]

    [Above: Imprecation shirt design by Mark Riddick]

    [Above: Mark Riddick's superb work is featured on mountains of underground releases. If you like metal music, you've definitely seen his work, whether you know it or not.]

    - Website of Mark Riddick -

    Battle Hymns 'Zine


  • Bumber Sticker

    [Note: Ah, Greece. The land of Athena. The cradle of Western civilization. The land of the heroic political party The Golden Dawn. I checked out this website -- but it was mostly in Greek. We have a saying in America (I'm not sure if you have it in your country as well?) that when you don't understand something or can't read something, no matter what language it is in, you say "It's all Greek to me". I wonder if in Greece they have a version of this? Maybe "It's all English to me".]

    Witchcraft Magazine


  • Flyer

    [Note: Someone has been taking some psychedelic drugs... This is the strangest Baphomet ever...]

    [Below: Here is another version, equally bizarre, I stumbled upon in the internet wasteland]



  • Sticker

    [Note: Ah, Metapedia, THE source for TRUTH and INFORMATION. Unlike Wikipedia which is now edited in Israel.]

    Samael - Blood Ritual


  • Patch

    [Note: Samael's second release, Blood Ritual, is one of the coolest releases EVER. It was strange that this never exploded in popularity because it was stellar stuff. This patch is a modern print.]

    Darkest Hours


  • Flyer

    [Note: How pathetic and weak is this. 'Goths against facism'? First learn how to spell 'FASCISM'. The bat carrying the crossed out swastika is very original though. I'm sure this flyer is destined to win over all sorts of butt-hurt losers... And secondly, what this hell kind of music style is 'Batcave'!?!?]

    Aryan Wear


  • Flyer

    [Note: I'm not familiar with Aryan Wear but I've definitely had enough of the so-called 'diversity' that's been shoved up our collective asses for the past decades. It's turned our world into a cesspool of darkness. All a part of Their little plan to divide and destroy. This domain appears to be dead at the time of this writing -- much like the future of this world.]

    [Below: Flyer reverse.]

    Horrible, god-awful thing


  • Stamps

    [Note: In my stamp collecting journey I encounter many odd facts and things, but nothing like this. I thought this was fake when I first burned my eyes on it. But after a little research I was shocked that it was in fact real. A sickness eats away at this dying world and it is growing worse and worse. Surely this is a sign that it is time to burn it all and start over.]

    [Below: Since I poisoned your eyes with that above here is a bit of eye-bleach to help refresh them. Unlike the above, this one isn't real. A private person printed this up somewhere.]

    [Below: Again, this is a fantasy postage stamp (no pun intended!). Note 'British' is spelled 'Britnish' for some odd reason...]

    Retro Rocket Review


  • 'Zine

    [Note: I received this old school 'zine in early October 2015 from Ontario, Canada. It's always nice to see these old works from a simpler, more meaningful day. Much of today's scene isn't interested in paper 'zines anymore, and that is a shame, and a putrid sign of the times. One more casualty of the digital age. So I have to give respect to the people who still refuse to close shop and keep hanging on, despite lack of interest from a world glued to deathly glowing screens. But on to the purpose at hand! Retro Rocket Review contains the usual news and contact information, plus interviews with a lot of old bands who, surprisingly, I've never encountered before (a few of them dating back to the 1980s). Unlike a lot of interviews, there are actually a lot of interesting questions in this 'zine. Not just the sometimes boring music stuff, but the interviewer tries to get the bands to talk about the world and politics. Which, trust me, can be like pulling teeth! The reviews are interesting because the majority of them are from underground bands from all over the world, many of them demos on cassette. Lastly, and what I liked best about this work, was the final page where the editor shares a few stories about growing up and as a child being faced with death for the first time. The only downside to this is that it is fairly small -- 34 pages, which I guess is pretty average. And I'd also like to see more bands that I'm familiar with mixed in. Ultimatley, a cool 'zine that you can read from your bunker after the end of the fucking world, when your idiot phone shuts off and all your expensive tablets and laptops die!




    Suite 276
    1063 King St. W.
    Hamilton, ON
    L8S 4S3

    The Black Vomit


  • Flyers [received November 2015]

    [Note: King Diamond was wrong... nuns do have lot's of fun it would seem. Goat Cult Perversion/The Black Vomit is a kick-ass old school 'zine from Germany.]

    Feast of the Circumcision


  • Donation Envelope

    [Note: I ran across this disturbing envelope while looking through some WWII era postage stamps. I half expected to find a shriveled foreskin inside... but, to my disappointment, there was only some musty old stamps. Unlucky me. Apparently foreskins are a lucrative business. Just look at the back of the envelope below, this foreskin was worth 20 dollars! And that is in 1956 - which is like 50,000 dollars today! Foreskins apparently also help fund culture and the arts. Just look at the handwritten notation below. This particular well-cultured, high society foreskin, helped fund the Academy of Fine Arts. Did you know that several churches have claimed to have Christ's foreskin? Yep, some of them have even claimed to have his foreskin at the same time. Lunacy.]

  • All joking aside, this whole thing is pretty disturbing and disgusting. That we practice genital mutilation in Western civilization is appalling. Did you know that Judaism pushes for this to remain widely practiced? Somewhere in Europe recently wanted to declare it inhumane and the Jews freaked out. There is even a ton of money in circumcision. 'Doctors', aka witchdoctors, make several hundred dollars for each penis they defile.

    [Below: Here's a banner I found after a quick search on the internet to better illustrate the insanity.]

    The Tyrants of Black Metal!


  • Photos

    [Note: This is some funny shit! Haha... I have no idea who this band is, nor do I know who the band below is either. There are many questions about these gems.
    Why are both the singers in their underwear?
    Why does one of the singers look like he is starving to death?
    Tape worm?
    Too evil for food?
    Why does he have a second microphone in his underwear?
    Why is there a woman and a man having a conversation on stage while clearly the coolest concert ever is taking place?
    The picture below is less mysterious, but there are a few lingering questions. I imagine this singer must have hurt himself doing something for the Dark Lord -- no doubt some dark and twisted ceremony took place, where maybe he tripped over a blood-stained altar after drinking too much ceremonial wine? He no doubt hurt himself severely, having to be in a wheel chair and all. But being the true motherfucker that he is, he didn't cancel the upcoming show of his black metal band. No, he showed up in a wheel chair, probably warning all: 'I wouldn't miss this show for the crucifixion of Christ. Hell I'd have my coffin wheeled in here and would play dead if I had to.' Yep, he is THAT fucking cool.]

    [Below: Damn... you're so damn evil a goat showed up to your concert!]

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