Unconventional Thoughts-excerpts from an interview with D. S.

...I understand you are a believer in the ancient ways. History sings us a sorrowful tale of such religions being smothered and destroyed by a certain malevolent deity I'm sure you're familiar with. Explain your thoughts on both this and modern religion in general.

Modern religion to me is as a pestilence, a spear in the side of mankind. A horrible spiritual and mental disease that has ravaged most of the world for perhaps a thousand years. And yes, I am referring to Christianity, regardless of its mutation, it is all identically destructive. Awaken and beware, these traps were designed to snare the weary. The Earth is a fertile cropland where fools seem to graze endlessly.

Explain to me your religious beliefs.

Roughly, no force is known to me by name, as I believe it useless to place a calling on such a thing. Our tongues were designed for audible speech, when 'speaking' with something without form other means of communication are required. Humans have placed callings upon their deities to better relate to them, in an attempt to understand them, they place them on an almost human level. They fashion their habits and personalities after those of humans, their appearance usually reflects traits of animal or man. While much of this is rich in the artistry of imagination, it is simply an example of man's fear of extinction, to answer the questions nature does not readily provide. 'In life we fear the great possibility of the infinite emptiness of death, in death we celebrate the absence of life.' As to my beliefs, they are those of the eternal ocean beyond the sky, of darkness no light could ever pierce, no life ever endure, madness by way of solitude. My logic lies in the absurd, the illogical. My truth in the unfathomable. My goals lie unsaid and equally unwritten, as do my 'religious beliefs,' I know I did not properly answer your question, but understand, I did not intend to.

What of the religious beliefs of the ancestors of this world? The 'pagan' and the 'heathen?'

They possessed much different interpretations of certain things than I and utilized different thoughts. The sphere of power of their deities were based upon their wants and needs, the age in question and their climate. Much a reflection of their struggles and desires. We live in an age where these wants and needs are controlled by governments and provided for by technology. We no longer face the life and death situations our ancestors faced day-to-day. Technology, however, cannot fill the void of one's soul. It cannot help in building the bridge to 'God,' it can only hinder and distract. And I must say, it does a fine job at the latter. Something exists beyond our comprehension, outside of life, beyond the great curtain of death.

Would you have preferred to have been born in a past era?

Time and space have no meaning to me, they are merely the inventions of men I no longer believe in, theirs is a world that died long ago. It matters not what age you are given life, it matters what you do with it while you are blessed/cursed with it. If you choose to overlook its questions and riddles, then back to the oblivion whence you came.

What are your deepest goals to achieve in life?

If there ever was a goal to achieve in life, it would be death. To live is to die, to die is to live forever... do not rely on an improper definition of death, most people conceive but one, that of flesh. To me, the death of flesh is irrelevant. Our lives are perhaps a struggle to ensure the continued immortality of our souls. But the savior from spiritual oblivion is not easily discovered, it is a road not traveled in any material sense. Embrace the hand of the unfamiliar spirit, in solitude you shall realize you are never alone, and nothing blossoms into everything.

Do you fear death?

It is not death that I fear but life instead. They say that instincts primary function is self-preservation, however, the moth aspires to the flame. My fear of death drips with acidic visions. It is life that compels one to fail, while death promises abstinence from failure. Beneath the mask of death, lies the face of you and I.

What is your view of the world?

It is a panoramic view of life itself. It is a seldom realized, or utilized, jewel of limitless proportions. In contrast, it is a spherical damnation where we are little more than vegetation. But it is temporary, I do not love nor respect anything temporary. It is eternity I strive for. My death and my life will have meant nothing to me once I have passed. I shall either fail to reach my journey's end, or I shall succeed. The world, is 'their' world, I am just a prisoner. But, make no mistake, we live in a world of slaves, willing captives. The world may burn tomorrow, ask me today if I care... No. I tend to fancy such ideas as apocalypse. It would be an ultimate wake-up call for the billions who sleep.

Do you feel that mankind has gradually descended, that he has lost the special qualities that enabled him to climb the evolutionary ladder?

Perhaps it is better that way, as some lessons are only taught with death. Through the ruins of the present civilisation another shall be erected, but only to collapse again and again. As I said, it is the nature of the flesh, to fail. Only the soul may truly succeed. Through our intellect and seeming complexity we have also acquired an enormous ability to make mistakes. It is a balance that will always keep us stumbling in the dark, a regressive quality to 'intelligent' life. We pride ourselves as being a superior creature in nature. It is a rather short-sighted and egotistical complex really. Life is the unspoken lie, a whisper in the dreadful darkness of existence, a fable in motion. We are a spark in the dark at best. Forever to fade into the monotonous confines of eternity. In this world of intelligent men, I find an abundance of fools. Take your view from your Darwin books to the cemetery, there is the top of the evolutionary ladder. We are not straying on our climb at all, rather we are moving along with the greatest of stealth. Be proud...

Do you see hope for this world?

Hope. What a cowardly word. Through thoughts of mass-obliteration I sometimes find a sense of hope. How is that for hope? Would you call me a pessimist? A heretic? An enemy of life, of civilisation? An adversary of religion? Of mankind? I would. Life and death are but elements and ingredients of one another, working together for one ultimate end.

Final words?

Think unconventional, take off your muzzles and bite ...hatred is the hammer of mortality... let it obliterate you with its love. Immortality must be sought and earned, search the mud and rain...

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