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Please introduce Urgrund to our readers.
Black/Death metal from Australia. Thrashin in parts with a Germanic backbone.
Began in early 98 from the ashes of another Blackmetal band. Now there is a fresh approach, a style that everyone can relate to. No! We are not cashing in on the retro thing either for those that think that. A mail clad fist of ugly metal.

Why did you chose a rather obscure name for the band?
Why not? Everything is dark this, pagan that, evil there, frosty moon etc. Nope, this name came across whilst being interested in German Philosophy. Boehme to be exact and it's relevance to Germanic Myth. Old Earth. It has it's affect .

There are a number of great bands already established from your land... could you illuminate us further on the music environment there and shed some light on some lesser known bands you enjoy?
There are so many good and bad like any scene. I must say The Victorian War metal gave the world a fist full of originality and aggression. But favourites are Gospel Of The Horns, SOL, Destroyer 666. There are some crazy guys called Invocation here which will certainly raise an eyebrow. Watch out for Grenade, great band also.

What are some of the topics that your lyrics deal with? Do you find lyrics to be a very important part of a band? Bolthorn
Absolutely. The timeline of the Dark Ages is of course there. The need for destruction in turn evolution. There is no one theme or idea that the band revolves around. But most definitely heathen pride, Armageddon, war, Asatru, folklore, sitting a round a campfire drunk. All kinds of things. But, I consider this band dealing with these topics in another perspective than the usual garbage that is Black metal today. Naturally Ur, ancient topics are dealt with in praise and understanding. We are a band that are not trying to be something we're not. Urgrund oozes historic fact.

The international black metal scene is in great abundance of worthless bands lately. Many of those worthless bands are not surprisingly signed to 'big' labels. Your thoughts on this over-commercialization and over-crowding? What bands from the 'old days' do you feel have never compromised their music or beliefs?
Yes, this has been for some time. Half of those bands are not even Black metal, ha my grandmother is more Satanik. Why do people keep forming Black metal bands or in the similar. They are ruining the true identity and mysticism of the real (Bathory, Venom, Beherit, Mayhem etc) bands. All the same shit over and over again. Sadly enough some of these new bands sell. Bands can do what they want, I don't care anymore. I would rather concentrate on my own music than saving a scene or the destruction of one.
I saw this when I was doing Baalberith (still buring) 94-96 that period made me aware. This will not affect that band however. It is far from Black metal now. Epic extreme rock (hahahah) there's another description for a band.

In your opinion, what are the major problems in the world today, and why?
Cross breeding. Not that I care what other people do. But the destruction of bloodlines and culture/language is at stake here. Technology and hunger for knowledge is increasing at a most gloomy pace also.

And of the world, its quite apparent a rotten, soulless period stretches before us. Do you see the world getting better before worse? Or do you see a Dark Age coming?
A bit of both. I guess in everything there is a balance. There is something coming sure, but a dark age? I consider myself in tune with reality. But, I would trade a place to be in Dark Age Europe. Barbarian and primitive life with Oskorei eyez.. Boar on the spit while chanting victory tunes (laughs).

What are your thoughts on modern religion? Do you have any religious/spiritual beliefs you could share with us?
I consider Asatru and Ancestral beliefs powerful things. A Consciousness thing and a belonging thing, uphold your culture. Germanic Ideology and Asatru definitely. No worship or mass in any form here. Runelore I am quiet fond of (traditional and artistic sense) Science based religions etc are crap. People that are scared turn to religion. Live by what is real. Face it!

Symbolically, birth is dawn, and twilight is death. Is their a second dawn? Do you believe a part of us could live on? How do you view it and what are your thoughts?
Reincarnation, absolutely. I feel this is true. We are in tune with the earth (most of us anyway) as much as she is with us. Being bonded like this makes it impossible to fade away totally. Until Twilight of course.

Thus far in your life, what things regarding this existence do you find worthwhile? What elements of life are never worn of their splendor, as great and mysterious in their 1000th time as in their first?
Fire, water there is proof of this. The sword. My choice of friends and allies. Like anything else, all normal things in life that some people abuse. No wonder they are so fukked up.

In contrast, where lies your deepest hatred? What do you resent most in this life?
Ignorance in society. Hot days and hangovers. Goth crossover metal.

How valuable is truth to you? Do you see truth in decline more than ever these days?
Not much. Truth is definitely a disintegrating thought however. We have come to a stage where people don't need this. The diversity of what the world thinks challenges truth.

If you could know the answer to any one question, what would the question be?
The secret ingredients and brewing techniques of Heineken beer. So I can brew my own.

Do you believe in fate or destiny, or are these things just coincidence and chance?
Ha ha! Unchangeable fate. Yes to some extent. There are reasons for everything, there is a path where our feet have yet not trodden. Wyrd.

Give us your thoughts on the cosmos, and they your opinion of the possibility of life elsewhere. Where you gaze to the night sky, what things do you ponder?
I think so, but there are reasons for us not knowing certain things. This will truly destroy us if secrets are revealed. Mankind is stupid. I'm no star gazer I guess this is evident in the music. Nearly everything is fact and down to earth with Urgrund.

Could you give tell us a bit about Australia, in your opinion, what are the pros and cons of your homeland?
It's a large country so travel and tours can get expensive and tiresome. Easy going lifestyle and stress free though. It's not like a ghetto where everybody breathes on you. People have their rightful space. Australia is not my homeland, but definitely there is some belonging.

Recently Spikekult released one of your works, and you have plans to release a full-length on Baphomet. Could you tell us about these works?
Yes, "Drenched in Blood" (mCd) is the 7" (Warlore) recording with an xtra track, added better backing vocals and remix. Ha, I can say we are lazy re-recording here.
"The Graven Sign" recorded Oct 2000 is rougher. Definitely stands out than the rest. We wanted to keep it raw once more so the use of atmosphere is in the guitarz, no keyboards here. This will see the shelf June 2001. Will also be available on Lp.

The 'scene' is filled with literally thousands of bands, great and terrible. Somewhere amongst those is Urgrund. What separates it in your opinion?
Well, considering we have a nice blend of old school/old death and old breed Black metal, it seems to attract the folks. Lots of catchy riffs. No make up or theatrical bullshit, just leather/bullets, plug in and rip. If I was born 10 yrs earlier I would be auditioning to be in Motorhead or Venom I think.
The topics also are an educating trip for people. I also will say we have our influences like any other however we are not a clone band like so many abroad.

Plans for the future? And live performances?
The Graven Assault tour kicks off in late June-Aug. Gigs will be down the east coast of Australia/major cities. There is talk in unleashing another 7" this year. Possibly commence work on 3rd album Dec this year. Never know, may make it overseas in the not so distant future.

Lastly, your final comments and words of wisdom to the world.
Thanks for the great interview.

With Bloodstained Axe. Hail The Hunt, Hail The Huntsman!

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Kenmore QLD

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