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First, tell us about the current happenings of VELES. Are you working on a follow-up release to Black Hateful Metal currently? If so, can you tell us information regarding this?
Good evening. Thanx a lot for your interest. Good to see some intelligent people interested in our black art. Now we have the optimal line-up. The new stuff is under construction. It will be 4-5 tracks of material for a MCD or a split CD, nothing is sure yet. We still spread religious/racial/political hate propaganda, so don't expect too many changes in our message. We will record new Veles stuff this year and you can be sure that it will be Veles' Black Hateful Metal style of music. It will be a continuation of our demo tape and second album. Now we've prepared trax for some comp. tapes.
You also do Dead Christ Commune. Could you explain a bit about this operation and its current happenings?
DCC has existed since 1993 and it's my personal fight against commercialism. DCC is an underground distribution service dedicated to extreme music and message. Write to us for details, no more commercial shit. E-MAIL:
The label of Black Hateful Metal, No Colours, was raided recently. Your thoughts on this?
Our deal with No Colours is finished. Now we're looking for a new label, not too big but with a good potential of energy. Proposals?
1999 produced a small share of worthy bm releases, but I think it's far overshadowed by boring, unoriginal releases from worthless bands, who know nothing about what black metal is, or what it stands for. What do you foresee for 2000? What bands' releases are you personally looking forward to?
I found a maximum of 4-6 really good releases last year. This year I'm waiting for new Veles stuff, Thor's Hammer, Grand Belial's Key and Satanic Slaughter. Also new Legion material will be killer.
Define to us the purpose of Veles. What message do you wish to convey to the listener?
Hate to most people, things, thoughts, races, subcultures. Different kinds of opinions etc.. I think hate is the purest feeling!
As an example, the song Broken Cross, from your previous work, is very rage filled... the feeling is found in all of your works, and the release's title suits the tracks very well. Tell us what motivates your rage and hatred above all else.
Broken Cross (the lyrics) were taken from Polish cult band Magnus and the original song title was 'HakenKreutz.' We're satisfied with 90% of our work. We do all things quite natural so it's the reason for good answers to questions like this. We do what we want to do and no one can stop us. Most of the things are very spontaneous but it's good to see that sometimes someone finds something in our black art.
It's hard for one to find inspiration in today's modern world. It is indeed very bleak... where do you find inspiration?
A hard question... our hate and I wish to make something that will give you reasons to hate... us or someone/something else. We're inspired by all things surrounding us. I can't say what exactly because I don't part my life into different pieces.
Darken did the intros on your last release. Plans to work with him again on your next release as well?
Always! Rob is the biggest supporter of Veles since the beginning! And Herr Capricornus and I know... Veles sessions are always open for Darken.
Since a Veles track appeared on The Night and the Fog comp. are there plans to contribute another track to the upcoming part two?
No one has invited us in a serious way, but we can always do something as dead Ezunoth's legacy. It was quite a good idea to do a comp. CD with extreme bands and to die a few weeks later. Really good support.
Veles certainly expresses your hate for Christianity. Do you see a future free of Christianity?
Just try to live in Poland... I don't see a future for religions which were composed on Jewish stores. Fuck Asian influences!
What are your feelings toward the old religions? Do you find truth in the old ways?
I don't need the truth in the old ways. I'm intelligent and I can create a way of life by myself. I can respect some pagan and ancient stuff and that's all.
What would you say is missing from the modern world that the old world possessed?
Horses, free food, some diseases, swords. The new world has also some cool stuff like Nazi skinheads, football hooligans, mass murders, LSD...
When envisioning the future of the world, in light of the amounting problems and the growing filth around us... do you see a solution to this madness civilization has become?
Yes! I don't want to see any solution! We must destroy our planet! he he hah
Do you believe in the possible existence of the soul?
I experimented with mushrooms and LSD so I know some specific things (or I only think I know.) Sorry no more comments.
Life on Earth is relatively short. What do you hope to accomplish before the final curtain falls?
I would like to do something spectacular. The act should be remembered through the years.
If you could make one law, that all people on this Earth would abide by, what would that law be?
My law! I should be Alpha and Omega.
What do you fight for personally? What things would you die for?
I fight for different things in my life, so I don't want to give you all big words you can read something else. I won't waste your time.
Ending this with a few music related questions... could you illuminate us on the definition behind the name Veles?
Of course! It's the name of the Slavonic pagan god. One of the mightiest in the Slav Pantheon. His other names are Walas or Weles.
What can we expect for the future of Veles and D.C.C.?
VELES: New material with our Black Hateful Metal, plus some awful provoking interviews and compilations.
DCC: Some more days with interesting demos/CDs in the stock, some new people interested in the old values of the Satanic metal scene.
And finally, your last comments and words of wisdom.
Thanx a lot for a really great unusual interview. Your support will reserve you a place in Hell. Hate us and our work! That's the biggest influence and inspiration.
VELES 06-01-2000

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