This interview was done with Princess Marie Adelheid, staff member of Richard Walther Darré, in Tangstedt (Schleswig-Holstein, Germany), in two parts, first in 1983 and lastly in 1988.

In 1951 the Princess wrote a letter proclaiming her faith:

"I am an old National Socialist and it is my obligation, in accordance with a pledge I made to the SS-Reichsführer [Himmler] in 1930, to take care of members of the SS wherever and however it is possible for me to do so. I have always done my best to keep a promise made in the happy times of our hope for a better and more beautiful Germany and I want to keep that promise now too, in Germany’s hour of deepest suffering. I do so in the spirit of the words of a song we used often to sing together on festive occasions: 'When all are unfaithful, we still keep the faith...'"

Thanks for allowing me to ask you questions Frau Adelheid, if I could I would like to ask how you came to support the SS.

Frau Adel: Thank you Brian, it is always a pleasure to converse with you, it helps me keep up my mind in my old age. So you are asking how and why I came to support Himmler and the SS. In these times it is hard to say to anyone but a close comrade or a trusted friend.

We had just surrendered, the royal family abdicated, a Marxist revolution broke out, and we had small wars on the borders. The Führer and other concerned men saw this and began organizing. Our nation was thrown into chaos, and due to this many foreigners of non-Germanic blood were invited in.

Many in Germany paid no attention or just did not care, they only wanted to survive and be left alone. The situations began to pull more and more into the ring however; you could not be a fence sitter. I heard the Führer speak in 1926 and was convinced his party was what Germany needed.

Many Germans favored the Marxist leaning unions and the many off shoot parties they spun off. Hitler was smart to build his base and incorporate all the right wing parties into one, the fake parties soon collapsed and their true colors came out. Many Jews were behind these right wing parties as a way to control the direction of thought. The Führer exposed this, and also the many people who were only in it for the money or attention. He made some enemies this way, but it truly showed who loved the German land and who didn’t. Some even switched and went over to the Marxists, and their allies the social democrats.

I would be part of many discussions regarding politics and who was correct to lead Germany. I always had a sense of racial awareness; many in the royals did but were too polite to speak up about it. I feared the Germanic race was in decline, and this race was truly a gifted people. It’s funny today how praising your race is seen as belittling others, if people only knew how important this is.

During the time of struggle I was introduced to many of the leaders of the time, I met them all from Hess, Goebbels, Göring, Himmler, Schacht, and of course the Führer. These men were perfect visionaries who saw the danger we faced and pledged their lives to fight. My man used to say “fighting means living”, and they all lived by that creed.

I saw firsthand a battle by the SA where they marched, and were attacked by Marxists, the police then went after the SA, can you believe it? They were attacked while being peaceful, yet the police arrested the SA.

It was things like this that showed me the ideals of National Socialism were correct in every way, and had to be fought for. The more I spoke to men like Himmler and others the more I understood there is deeper meaning to this existence, and to our race. There are so many aspects of National Socialism that are important for everyone, if only they would open their eyes and see.

Was the core idea of the SS to remove Christianity, and destroy the Church so Germans could go back to pagan times?

Frau Adel: And so this hard question comes now, the short answer is yes and no, there is context to this. Himmler and indeed many in the movement understood that Jewish dogma had crept into both Churches and it happened only a couple hundred years ago. Let me try to explain to you.

The belief of the Reichsführer-SS [Heinrich Himmler] and the Führer was that the Christian religion came from Europeans, by Europeans, and to Europeans, no one else. That is because the limited excavations the Ahnenerbe [ancestral heritage organization under the SS] and independent researches could do in the Middle East showed something.

They showed that the ancient peoples who lived several thousand years ago in the regions we today call the Middle East, were populated by fair skinned and eyed people who migrated up into Europe from these areas. I know the Bible says there was dispersion due to war and conquests.

We know the Scyths and many other tribes were Aryan and not anywhere close to the dark skinned people who are in the land now. When one group left or was forced out, another came in. Due to this practice all the white Aryan tribes migrated into Europe. You have to remember this was thousands of years ago; whole nations changed races in that time.

Look at Egypt, it was once a thriving Aryan civilization then it went into decline where they left and Negro slaves filled in the void. Now some claim it was black all along, they are naïve and foolish. One of the great crimes of our age was Jews coming into high positions in academia, especially in anthropology. By doing this they directed the flow of information and thus created a false history.

They are doing this again, but this time all over the world. This was the problem many saw and sought to combat. The Church was convinced over several years that the Jew was the one who was in the Bible; they adopted all manners of the ancient Israelites, through traitorous zealots who worked to teach them the old ways.

Because the true nature of God and who were his true people were lost, National Socialism wanted to use this thought and bring in a new way of thinking. The minds agreed the best way to do this was return the people to the roots of our ancient ancestors, and then build upon that. To National Socialism, and especially the SS, race was the bedrock of our foundation, race is very important to the creator, and our race was chosen to stand out. That is why blood purity was such an important point, a race that is productive and creative must stay pure to keep being productive.

When you look at all the other races of the earth, not one has come close to the Nordic race and what we have accomplished. All great civilizations, inventions, and thought come from us, not Africa, Asia, or Persia. This is so easy to see but the Jew has done all he can to do away with this obvious truth.

We needed to go back to the rock from where we were hewn, and the quarry from where we were dug. The idea was to bring back the solid Aryan ways of old that our folk understood. When the Christian disciples came into Europe they sowed seeds that worked well as the people understood the message was from their folk to the folk. As Jews came into Europe this message was lost and perverted turning the Christian religion into something it was not intended to be -- a faith for all races. The SS fought against this message by using anthropology to show that the people living in the region were Aryan, not Jews or Arabs, and Christ was Aryan.

I must say also some in the SS were pro-pagan and wanted nothing to do with the Church, Christ, or modern religion. They rejected this idea, and believed also that the Jews were the people of the Bible, and God was their evil god. I understood their assumption, as it is hard to try to explain that the Jews are imposters.

Sometimes it is easier to just go to an old faith instead of arguing with everyone about a revolutionary idea of turning back to the past. The German Christians understood well and put together many good sermons which showed how the Jew had poisoned Christianity, and turned it into something bad for our people.

The SS stood on the idea that our ancestors were something to be admired and honored. There was a love of our beauty, culture, and history going back to the first Germanic tribes to settle here. We were not anti-Christian by any stretch; we only rejected the Jewish part of the faith. We needed something that was pure and untainted and the SS faith sprang from our past which was pre-Christian.

I was in a group called the Nordic Ring, in which we studied the past, and opposed the Church. Again, this was not to denounce God, only to denounce the modern Church which was under Jewish influence. Many Priests and Pastors refused to see this, but some did forming the German Christians.

We embraced the noble warrior spirit that united our people with nature and its laws. The idea of a creator was always at the top of the belief; he was just not a Jewish god. Many SS members still attended Church and were certainly not forced to leave the Church. Religion was encouraged and we believed in God, again without Jewish influence. Today some claim we worshiped trees and the sun, and had no time for God. This is false, and they simply do not understand our position. Many charlatans appeared after the war telling Germans God punished us for our stance on the Jews. This was not only dishonest, but also horribly ignorant. Some I am sure were Jews masquerading as preachers, seeking to exact a sick revenge.

I know National Socialism and Hitler are tainted by the Holocaust; did you have any personal experiences with the camps?

Frau Adel: Yes I did, we have spoken of this before if you remember. I was an associate of Walther Darré, who founded blood and soil. This was a department that worked with the purest of the German blood lines -- the farmer. City life did not taint their genetics; they were mostly wholesome and pure.

[Above: The enigmatic and magical Walther Darré.]

I was able to travel while in my role, and we visited some camps in the mid thirties. I can tell you the people were well treated, well feed, and were freed after their sentence. We went to a camp in which they all gave the Hitler greeting as we entered and left, that was interesting since it came from mainly communists.

I knew many of the men who were camp officials, and I can tell you they had every order and intention to keep the prisoners safe and fit until the end. There was no plan ever to kill them like the Jews say today. They were used in many camp factories during the war and were valuable labor.

I spoke with jurist Dr. Morgen and he said there were cases of SS men tried for stealing from and abusing inmates, so does that sound like a policy to kill people? One camp commander was executed for running a racket with Jewish inmates, they made him rich. Many people in the camps early on were criminals, some even mafia bosses.

Right up till 1945 the inmates in the camps were well, many Jews were moved against their will but it was wartime and they were considered an enemy people. I will tell you, it was the Allies who, through the bombings, caused all the disease and deaths.

We had a hard time finding food for us; I know the camps were in the same position. Many Jews did tell the truth, to their credit, as they knew it was war and their people had committed acts of terror. Others however sought revenge by telling ridiculous lies that any critical person can see through. Today this Wiesel loves speaking in German schools telling our children how their grandparents threw babies into flames.

He brings up the Hoess and Eichmann confessions, who spoke of fountains of blood boiling up from the ground at Treblinka, pure fiction to alert us to the lie. I saw these inmates after the war, and they were healthy and showed no signs of neglect, many even had babies. They steal millions of Deutsche Marks from us per year for this lie that would be easy to expose if allowed.

The truth is the photos, trials, and eyewitness accounts are not properly contextualized. They take a small truth, that the Jews in Germany were put into camps because we viewed them as enemies, and twist it. They were used for labor, but received pay and good care. Why have so many nurses and doctors on staff if the plan was to kill?

A very good friend of my family was a nurse who was assigned to work at Belzec and spoke of how nice it was there, how orderly and clean. She remarked how nasty some of the inmates were, as they were criminals, and tried to do criminal things while in the camp. If the plan was to kill she would have said so, we were very close.

If all this is true, then how do you explain the Germans today, and even back then, that spoke out about the regime and agreed with the Allies?

Frau Adel: The short answer is the war terrified the people, and the Allied occupation held them hostage. Stockholm Syndrome is real, and I believe it explains many Germans behavior. There were always those few who opposed National Socialism, look at the traitors.

When the war ended the Allies arrested anyone who had membership in any National Socialist group, many were sent to camps where some died. The human trait of self-preservation kicked in, if denying membership meant staying with family, many did it. I understood their reasons; the Allies were serious when they said they wanted to eradicate National Socialism. It meant the people too.

Even the soldiers, who testified, even SS men, were treated to psychology-based tricks. They were told to work with the Allies and they could go home. They agreed with much of what was said, and worked to blame perhaps someone they did not like. These testimonies and accusations have only grown, but they are rooted in half truths, distortions, and misunderstanding.

I know the retaliatory actions of the fronts are seen as crimes, but at the time they were not illegal. The Allies would have and did do the exact same thing as our soldiers. When dealing with terrorists, you sometimes have to use terror. It is not pleasant I am sure, but neither is war.

Some Germans just did not grasp the nature of what they were seeing, and viewed it as an illegal act perpetrated by evil men. Nothing was farther from the truth. There is a German today who speaks now that we are reunited saying even the army was complicit in killing innocents.

This Stockholm Syndrome is real; it has made many Germans agree with the very criminals who held them hostage. They teach the children their elders were out killing Jews and others while Sieg Heiling blindly. This is horrible and the lies they tell must be exposed and stopped.

Allied reprogramming was vicious, forceful, and complete. They went after the children as soon as they could. This is why now so many German youths believe Hitler was a monster. When you take away the ability to defend against these claims, it assures one side of compliance. In bad times it is easy for the weak to defect from an ideal and join the winner.

Germany fought for the right to exist on our terms, without anyone like the English telling us how we must act. The fight was hard and our men fought with a light inside their souls that no enemy could destroy, even in defeat.

If you travel the countryside, you will see that most all Germans who witnessed the Reich yearn to return to that again. The war no, but the glory and purity that National Socialism gives us can not ever be taken away.

Our enemies take advantage of the old and get them to agree to speak in which they are coerced and mislead into sounding like they took part in crimes or opposed Hitler. As our minds age they get weaker and less able to critically think, our enemies know that. They are trying to do it now by getting old men to agree with stories they want them to agree to, this why I speak to no one unless I know you.

Did the royal families of Germany oppose or support Hitler?

Frau Adel: It is not correct to say 'support Hitler'; most all supported the National Socialism government which was legally elected. Hitler was the leader and because of the good job he did in fulfilling his promises, he was loved. Many royals went on to serve in the party or the SS and rose to high positions. They had to submit to the victors at war's end so of course they said they only supported Hitler because they had to. I was given a SS pin by Himmler and could not wear it any longer, it is a prized possession.

Many of my family remember fondly the good times and camaraderie that National Socialism brought to our nation. The National Socialist time was a racial awakening like never seen before, for the first time a nation understood race was very important to our existence.

'You and I and all who stand here
will be sacrificed for the sake of New Life,
and must surrender ourselves and all that is dearest to us
without ever witnessing success or reward.
Have you thought of this and taken it to heart?
Are you still defiant and resolved?
Have you, living still, already conquered death?
Does your heart draw you toward sacrifice?
If so, then sing, friends. Nothing can make us afraid...
From our death God will awaken victory!'

--Pfingstfeuer in Guteborn 1928, Princess Marie Adelheid

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