This 1981 interview is with SS-Obergruppenführer and General of the Waffen-SS, Karl Wolff.

I understand you don't do any interviews, so I wish to thank you for speaking to me. I only wanted to ask you a few questions regarding the war, and your experiences.

Wolff: You are correct, we live in a time now where I don't speak to anyone but comrades regarding the time of the war. My words get twisted, hostile historians come as wolves in sheep's clothing, so I have learned to be very careful with whom I speak with, lest I am charged with crimes.

You lived through the whole war, what was your experience?

Wolff: I was a desk General for the first part of the war. I was tasked with the smooth running of the general SS and worked for Reichsführer-SS Himmler as a personal liaison to the Führer. I met and worked with many of the important leaders of the Reich, working to insure we would see victory.

Germany is accused of starting the war, by invading Poland who was not a threat to Germany. Can you comment?

Wolff: You must always ask the question “why”, why did we attack Poland, why were people killed, why were there camps, and why did we come up against such resistance. We attacked Poland because Poland put us in a position that we had to protect our people who were left in Poland after Versailles, they were being persecuted and Poland refused to take action. They were a weak-minded state that was being pressured by England to fight us; all we wanted was a land bridge to East Prussia, and freedom for our people living in Poland. The Führer said he regarded Poland as a friendly state until England got involved, telling Poland to not work out anything with Germany as we cannot be trusted.

Those in our government who had ties to Poland tried everything to get the leaders to listen to us, and give us concessions, as we were offering Poland concessions. These requests were met with contempt and bravado. Attacks on our frontier by bands of criminals were not investigated by Poland, and brushed off. Even to the point of claiming we were making this up. We could have allowed this to go on, and waited Poland out until they came to their senses, however the plight of Germans in Poland could not wait, as horror stories started coming from refugees seeking the protection of the Reich. There was hardly a crime in attacking Poland; any nation faced with the same scenario would have acted as we did.

Of course, the Allies use this as the excuse for their war, but other forces were driving them, and Poland was the excuse they needed. I want to add we treated Poland very well after the surrender, we sent in the RAD and Red Cross to help them rebuild. Something not acknowledged today, we only wanted vindication, not conquest. The fact that millions of Poles volunteered to serve in the armed forces, including the SS, came to Germany to work for good pay, and worked with us in every way shows we were not out to destroy the Polish people. The uprisings were more a result of allied agents encouraging the Poles with false promises more than Polish resentment of us. I should also like to say that England declared war on us, solely under the reasoning that we invaded a country they were protecting, however when Russia invaded, they were silent and did nothing. It proves to me that the Führer was right in that England and France wanted a war with Germany, and only Germany, in spite of the numerous treaties they claimed to honor. If people would only have been able to listen and judge for themselves who was the aggressor, without all the propaganda the Allies were using against us, then there never would have been a war.

Was the Lebensborn and Ahnenerbe sinister? I am taught in school Lebensborn was a stud farm for officers, and Ahnenerbe was the study of dark magic to bring evil to the earth.

Wolff: Ha, the victors and their Jewish film directors have had the last 35 years to turn good, necessary organizations into something that looks evil and sinister. Where to begin with this. I gave money to the Lebensborn, as all SS officers were encouraged to do. To understand a little of why it was created, you must understand our history. In the first war almost a whole generation was wiped out, many young Germans did not have both parents, some had none. A million died after the war due largely to the British blockade, and the sickness that followed. The Weimar era was nothing but anything goes filth, morals were forgotten and many babies were born out of wedlock and with diseases.

In 1933 things changed, a new morality was born, one of biblical proportions in which our people accepted a complete change. As more and more men were called to the flag, their wives and girlfriends were left alone. The Lebensborn homes were conceived to give these women a place were they could stay for free when they were with child. Married or unmarried, we vowed not to penalize or shame a woman like in times past for choosing to bear a child. Most of the women were married who just had no support back home, as their husbands were away. Our women were never turned away. Those who were unwed were welcomed, and LB staff counseled her, and the SS Rasse u Siedlings HA the father to insure the child was born into a good supportive family. If this was an unwanted child, it was placed with a German couple who could not bear any. This rarely happened, but LB was always looking out for the welfare of all involved.

I personally inspected the homes and was quite impressed with what I saw. During the war, mothers to be from other nations who married SS men were welcomed, as were mothers from bombed out areas of the Reich. The LB homes provided good medical care, instruction, healthy food, exercise, and a safe place for mothers to be to give birth. They could stay as long as they needed to and were also given help with securing a home and food. The intent was to encourage the SS to be the vanguard of the re-population of our nation and gene pool due to the losses from the first war, and also the current one. Healthy, intelligent children are what every nation requires for its existence, and its cultural advancement. All our national policies were turned to focus on that goal, and the LB homes were to be the beginning of a strong support system for the German mother.

The Ahnenerbe was nothing more than an organization that was like a museum. Those involved were dedicated to the study of Germanic history, and the history of our people in relation to our origins. Those scholars in the Ahnenerbe had the whole world to study, every idea and theory was looked into. Race was a main focus, investigating our early ancestors and where they have been. There are parts of the world where great cities and structures were built, but the peoples seem to lack the intelligence for such endeavors. Every study that was done seemed to suggest the same outcome, a higher race of people settled in areas of the world but did not last, and building lasting testaments to their culture that outlived them.

I should like to add that one topic that has always fascinated me is the notion that these people who call themselves Jews today, have no true achievements. They are a people of the East, who have cunningly learned to manipulate peoples and take their wealth and morals. Our Christian churches, long ago, started teaching that these people are the people of our bible, that in effect we owe our faith and culture to Jews. This is nonsense, and something Marin Luther and others us warned about. The Ahnenerbe was in a roundabout way showing the area of Palestine, Persia, India, and parts of North Africa were concentrations of our people. Our ancestors colonized wherever they settled, building great things, only one race on earth has demonstrated the ability to do these things. So it would only make sense that if God created a special people to be a light to the world, it would be a people who had the ability to explore, heal, invent, and build. No other peoples has shown all of these traits, except for one, and on such a grand stage. I firmly believe the areas of the world now populated by darker skinned Arabs were in fact, home to our people before many moved north into today's Europe.

Did Hitler believe this too?

Wolff: In a way, Yes. In Europe as a general rule it has always been held that the bible was our book, and only our book. It did not belong to any other people; the Creator gave each race a way to honor him. Our peoples became too complacent regarding this and started sharing our faith and beliefs with others, believing this was what the Bible wanted. The Führer was Catholic, and took it as a fact God's people were European, and no other. The Jew being an imposter who was stealing our identity and making it his own. The Führer was religious, that is why he did not drink or smoke, and believed he was sent by the Creator to heal Germany and raise up our people.

Was there anyone in the government that you didn't care for?

Wolff: This is the type of question that is irrelevant, and one that journalists like to play with to make us look like disorganized fools. I choose not to answer that, the reason being in every society there are always those who you will never get along with, NS Germany was no exception. There were those I liked and those I did not, but it had no bearing on our mission. We agreed to not agree, put our differences aside and work towards final victory. Of course when the war was over, this did not hold anymore as everyone was just trying to save their lives from vindictive enemies and many times stretched the truth regarding those they didn't agree with. I hear I am even accused of providing information to the Allies to prosecute war criminals, I am afraid that is grossly over exaggerated. I did provide a lot of information to the Americans, as they demanded, but it was regarding who was in charge of what and who ran what office.

Can I ask you what your thoughts on the Holocaust are?

Wolff: I would never answer this question if I didn't know your aunt, it's a falsehood unparalleled in history. In the Federal Republic, I would be prosecuted under the laws the victors established at the end of the war, for stating my experiences. I personally saw our interaction with the Jews. I witnessed terrorists being executed, the labor camps, and ghettos. In short, Germany did to the Jew what America did to the Japanese, we put an alien people who declared war on us, in camps. The only difference is that America was not being ruthlessly bombed so their inmates escaped the war unharmed. The Allies, killing hundreds of prisoners, for example, bombed Buchenwald; we believed the camps would be left alone since these were prison camps. The goal our government put into practice was to remove most Jews out of our sphere of influence and move them east where they came from. There were small nuances, as some were left alone due to service to the Reich, some of mixed marriage were allowed to stay and even helped us fight. Most Jews though, even if it was in small ways, worked against us, and even aided the Allies when they could. The SD uncovered lots of cells in Ghettos were illegal activity was happening. These Jews were moved to areas where they could be watched, or sent east to camps to be resettled after the war.

The problem for us, is that due to the filth that many of these Jews brought with them, many became sick in the camps. There were several outbreaks that happened where we had to quickly dispose of the dead, ovens were built for this purpose. The allied propagandist had a golden ticket with the photos of these ovens. Towards the end of the war, many camps were left to the enemy, however many prisoners requested to go with German troops, as they were hearing of the treatment of prisoners under the Russians. It was decided to allow inmates to move to the Reich so we could keep using them for labor, they were crammed into camps that were way over capacity. The Allies had knocked out and destroyed our infrastructure so that no food, medicine, or necessities could get to anyone. Our own population was suffering greatly in some areas where basic sanitation no longer existed. The already weakened inmates fell victim now to typhus and other curable diseases, the Allies unknowingly caused the deaths of tens of thousands of these people who we had no intention of harming.

What about all the shootings and hangings we see in books, this seems to prove the Allies' claims?

Wolff: They say a picture speaks volumes, but in this case there is more to the picture than what is told. You are referring no doubt to the terrorists we had to deal with. I would not be surprised, someday, if our enemies hinge the whole holocaust solely on our fight with partisans, as there are many cases where we had to fight fire with fire. On every front, we were met with people who for political or racial reasons attacked our people. In Italy for example, the communists were quite strong in the northern areas and fought a vicious war. They gave no mercy to their victims, killing anyone who crossed them, or refused to help them. Old, women, and even children could be their victims if it served a purpose. I was furious more than once at having to deal with these creatures and their savagery. The only thing we could do when fighting them was to crush them and eradicate them off the earth. Because we also did not want to hurt the innocents, it made this task very hard, as they would hide among civilians making it hard to tell friend from foe.

The photos you see showing executions don't show the whole story. For example, in Italy a communist terror cell was caught because they attacked and killed a mayor and his family thinking that the Allies were near. They killed the mayor, his wife, and 3 young children. They then attacked a RSI convalescent home killing wounded soldiers. When they were turned in, they fought our soldiers, killing 2, then surrendered. They expected us to treat them as soldiers even though they were in civilian clothes and not part of the military. I gave the order that all terrorists were to be hung, as it is the European tradition to do to criminals. The investigation showed that their families aided them in every way so they were also hung.

This is a hard thing for a soldier to do and see, but it was necessary to do in order to try to stop these attacks. This example played out all across our zones of occupation; those who chose to attack us as civilians were treated as nothing more than common criminals as their acts were cowardly and barbarous. It is a shame that the world has been taught to see these people as heroes today. The real heroes are their victims who fell without having a chance to fight fairly.

What do you remember about the kampfzeit [time of struggle-ed.]?

Wolff: I was a very early supporter of the NSDAP, although not always in their ranks at the beginning. Germany was in a state of chaos starting in 1919, the reds and others were fighting to gain control. The Friekorps were fighting Poles, reds, and anarchists all at the same time in parts of the Reich. When the Führer started speaking, these enemies who claimed they stood for freedom of speech and equality, attacked anyone attending these speeches. Many early supporters were hurt in these battles, which at the time was quite one sided as the crowds coming to hear the Führer were very small.

As more influential people heard him, and joined the cause, things changed. The SA was formed to protect people at these meetings. The SS was formed to protect the speakers. The reds proved to be the worst at trying to stop these meetings, they would throw glass bottles, bags of trash and human waste, even bricks and wood with nails. In one instance they threw Molotov cocktails severely burning people. As these attacks grew, the SA grew and started to take the fight to the reds, as they tried to silence the meetings they in turn were beaten back and shewed away. Although the vast majority approved of the NSDAP, the German police were powerless. Their leadership was forced to abide by the Weimar decrees, or in the case of Bernhard Weiß [police chief in Berlin at the time of the Weimar Republic], they were Jews who openly advocated violence against us.

As the NSDAP grew, more ex-soldiers filled the ranks and the reds were at times given a bad taste of their own medicine. There were strict orders to not harm or kill our enemies as the press would have a heyday against us, as an example of our restraint, I remember one Mayday meeting being disrupted with rats and dachshunds that was very entertaining without violence. The reds were very cruel to anyone not agreeing with them, they attacked and even killed young boys who supported us, we were powerless to do anything about it. After we achieved victory, those who did not flee to Moscow or London were finally brought to justice for these hideous crimes.

What was your impression of Karl Maria Wiligut?

Wolff: He was quite an interesting fellow to say the least. He had a very deep seeded interest in ancient Germanic religious history, but was in no way sinister as portrayed today. From a very early age he studied runes and their meanings to our ancestors, and that they applied to us today. I can tell you he was Catholic, but rejected the corrupt form the church took in our modern age. To him, there was a creator who made us in his image, but it was not the Jewish god of the bible. Many Germans belonged to societies that studied our past, some looked for other reasons for our existence than what the church taught.

He believed that the earth was inhabited long ago by a special race of people who brought wisdom to the ancients that gave them an edge over other peoples. They spread all over the earth and built great civilizations, but were wiped out by wars. It is interesting to me that now some scholars believe this could have happened; Von Daniken with the help of a former party comrade wrote a book that is a best seller regarding visits to this earth by powers far greater than what we know. Karl would have been very interested in this.

Karl influenced Reichsführer-SS Himmler to use ancient symbols for the SS, the idea was to use the SS as a way to turn our people back to their roots, and break the false teachings of the modern church.

Can I ask why you think Germany lost the war?

Wolff: Oh, that is a tough one. My thoughts are that we were never ready for war, and always outnumbered. So we lost due to sheer numbers, it is so very simple. I was present during a briefing at the FHQ regarding Russia. Our generals and Abwehr gave the Führer false numbers for Russia that made us commit fewer forces in the opening than we should have. We were led to believe that Stalin had every intention of attacking the Reich, and Europe, so we mobilized forces to counter this, and it was decided we would attack first to beat them to the punch, hopefully knocking them out quickly.

We were briefed that Stalin had purged his army, and his forces were weak and disorganized, the sheer numbers, 65 million vs 170 million, though bothered the Führer. He was assured that German equipment and tactics would win the day. When the invasion started, we were astonished at the vast amount of material that was being captured in Poland and the Baltic regions. It tended to prove our fears that Stalin was planning an attack on us. The vast Russian armies were able to escape and keep retreating east, and since we gained air superiority, we could defeat the masses as they indeed were disorganized when they did choose to stand and fight.

This didn't last long, as by Dec 41 they hit us back and drove our thin forces into retreat. We had been outnumbered on every front we fought, it was sheer luck and determination that we defeated France We really didn't have a chance to win, and lacked the generals with conviction to try. We did have some very good ones like Rommel and Dietrich, some generals wanted the good life, but did not want to fight to achieve it, so they didn't even try to win. As Stauffenburg showed, some were even hostile to the Führer and had no interest in being part of the struggle, choosing to believe the propaganda the Allies spewed our way daily. We had many traitors among us, which I still can't understand.

The NS state was born to give a great life to it's citizens, the Führer summed it up by saying “I want it to be said that it's better to be a street sweeper in this Reich, than a King in a foreign land.” We somehow managed to create many enemies by defending ourselves against the Jew and reversing the evils of Versailles. These enemies were powerful, and forced us into a war they knew we could not win. I knew we would lose when the US was pulled in to help England, to the point of breaking the very laws they wanted to hold others too; they gave aid to our enemies. The declaration in December '41 was nothing but a formality which finally allowed us to shoot back.

Our brave men and women put up one hell of a fight, and certainly gave our enemies a scare a time or two. In the end we lost due to the numbers, we could never hope to equal the output of even just the US alone. Our brave soldiers were very motivated in this struggle; they understood what they were fighting for, and why they had to fight. After the war, the Allies broke these soldiers of any pride or anger, where today when some speak they speak like broken men, glad that they were “liberated” by the noble Allies. A spell has been cast on our people, making them believe they lived in a very secretive, evil, and ungodly nation that oppressed everyone and put fear in every soul.

Thank you General. Can I ask one more question regarding what you think the world will be like in the new millennium?

Wolff: Well, you are a young man, and wish it to be well for you, but for mankind I am not so sure. We National Socialists showed every race on earth a new way of thinking, and living. The problem is and has always been the Jew. The Jew has a predisposition to burrow into a people and then weaken them to the point of their destruction. I already see Jewish names being predominate again with bankers, head of large companies, lawyers, politicians, and so forth. With this trend they will acquire great wealth and power over the Western world. Morals and Christianity will be attacked; women will be the primary targets as they are the vessels of reproduction of their peoples. They will bring in the darker races in an effort to pollute Europe, all while holding weak politicians in the hands who will support such endeavors.

If Europe can't arise to recognize this and fight it, then who knows. It will mean admitting the evil Germans were right all along, and Europe must stand together in a Pan European bulwark. We had no right to plunder the other races, and they will not let us forget that, if they are allowed to rise up. They will look upon all European peoples as their enemies; they will not distinguish between English and German for example. England and France have the most to lose, as the Jews and their natural greed made them many enemies abroad. If communism is not checked, it will use its power to also weaken Europe. Good signs are coming from the East Block, as I see cracks forming in the curtain and nationalism is starting to reveal itself again.

I believe we were a light in the darkness, a cure for the illnesses of the world, a preview of God's will and kingdom that will come. Life in NS Germany was so special, and holy, that we fought as a united people, until we could fight no more. Once broken the enemy had their way with us, and many cowards stepped into the void to try to show a different view, but in the end, truth will always find a way to reveal itself. Therefore, I would like to believe that National Socialism showed the world that living by nature's natural laws is the only way to a truly happy and healthy society where everyone looks out for everyone else, and the state is the vessel of the peoples true will. There was a painting which hung in the House of German Art, which sums up my views. It depicts a holy mountain wrapped in glorious light with the hakenkreuz at its peak as a symbol of our creator, millions of men are streaming towards the mountain, some helping wounded and broken comrades along, , so that they may be judged and receive their destiny. The mountain stands victorious over the earth on this holy day and all enemies have been removed so that the righteous now take dominion over this creation and live forever in peace and happiness. That is my belief, which will someday come to pass.

[Above: The painting discussed above. It is by Richard Spitz and is called 'Ins dritte Reich'.]

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