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    Children's Gas Mask


  • Cold War Relics

    [Note: Here our chic model, Kraiten, sports a stylish toddler gas mask...
    Freaky looking huh? This is a Russian child's gas mask.
    These were made for World War 3, for civilians.
    Strangely, Russia's Cold War nemesis, The United States, never created a gas mask for civilians, let alone for children.]

    [Below: The small capsules she is holding are for anti-fogging of the lenses. They are included in the small gas mask bag. Inside are small wax sticks, as seen below. These particular tubes are from two kits, I'm not sure why the colors are different, probably just a manufacturing variation.]

    [Below: These are for anti-fogging purposes. You coat the inside of the lenses during winter or wet weather to prevent the lenses from fogging up.
    Check out the odd psychedelic lid on the red one...]

    [Below: This ink stamp is from the inside of the gas mask bag, but it might as well be written in Martian to my English-speaking eyes.]

    [Above & Below: Instruction manual. Click for larger view.
    Check out the above 'b) ...the distance between the most protruding points of jugal bridges'! WTF!?]

    [Below: Box. The company 'Evirstar' obviously bought these masks bulk from the Russian government and repackaged them for sale in the United States.]

    [Below: His admiration for the beautiful mask was clear in his eyes...]


    [Below: Here is a size small mask. Note the awkward placement of the filter tube.]

    [Below: ...]

    [Below: ...]

    Decadence Now!


  • Book 2010

    [Note: This heavy 'coffee-table book' is filled with strange, interesting, boring, stupid and generally pretty cool images from various artists from around the world. Below is a small example, including one that will reveal to you the 'Sacred Heart of Jesus'! HA!]

    Here is a quote from the artist of the work below:
    'I'm trying to go through a moral crisis myself to the highest degree that I can, to remove moral crises from the visual vocabulary of the viewer, so that when somebody sees my work, the only thing that they see is the Sacred Heart of Jesus.' - Jeff Koons

    This is Hungarian-Italian porn star, politician and singer Ilona Staller, better known under her stage name, Cicciolina. She was elected to the Italian parliament in 1987. Amongst other things, she gained infamy for offering to have sex with Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden for peace. She should have offered to have sex with George Bush instead, since he and the occupied West were the real war mongers.

    ...seeing the Heart of Jesus yet?

    No? Well open up your fucking eyes, jack-ass!

    [Below: Here's a few more items featuring Cicciolina...]

    [Below: She also did music, here is a 1979 LP]

    [Below: LP reverse]

    [Below: Some other release...]

    [Below: A tattoo... Oh my...]

    Camera Phone Picture


  • America's Poisonous Highways

    [Note: Now here is one trucker you don't want to fuck with. I like the matching toxic green paint job as well. Wonder what the hell was in this thing? Politicians? Bibles? Televisions? I can't think of much more poisonous...]

    [Above: Side view...]


    [Below: And his buddy...]

    [Below: EXPLOSIVES!]

    [Below: Now all we're missing is a truck carrying razorblades...]

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