Adolf Hitler and the Army of Mankind

    Before you begin to mount feeble accusations of 'hater' and 'racist', let's get a few things straight. Many countries fought on the side of Nazi Germany in WW2, including several non-white ones. One of Germany's primary allies of the 'Tripartite Pact' (signed on September 27, 1940) was not white, Japan. In fact, when the USA declared war on Japan the next year Germany honored the Tripartite Pact and declared war on the United States.

     Indians, Asians, Arabs and blacks not only fought on the side of Nazi Germany, but also wore the eagle and swastika on their breast. Dozens of countries volunteered to the elite Waffen SS, including many non-whites of a wide range of ethnic backgrounds. In fact, it was the largest multi-racial fighting force in history! Not to mention also the most religiously diverse as well.

     Commando Extraordinaire Otto Skorzeny describes the diverse nature of the Waffen-SS in his 1975 memoirs '...from 1942 European soldiers from many lands and peoples could be found: Albanians, Bosnians, Britons, Bulgarians, Cossacks, Croats, Danes, Dutch, Estonians, Finns, Flemings, French, Georgians, Greeks, Hungarians, Italians, Latvians, Lithuanians, Norwegians, Romanians, Russians, Serbs, Slovakians, Swedes, Swiss, Ukrainians, Walloons, Armenians, Byelorussians, Hindus, Kirghizes, Tartars, Turkmen and Uzbeks served under their own flags in the Waffen-SS. Almost all of these peoples were represented in my unit.'

     The Germans did not segregate their troops. Blacks, Asians, Arabs and Whites all fought and lived and died side-by-side. A sharp contrast to the American and British treatment of non-whites that fought for them. These unfortunate troops were often used as cannon fodder and not even allowed to fight with white troops. The black servicemen of America were even experimented on! The Japanese Americans who volunteered for the U.S. military were fighting for a country who had interned their families in concentration camps.

     When the capital of the German Reich, Berlin, crumbled there was over a dozen nationalities defending it. There were Americans, British, French, Italians, Russians, Waloonians, Danes, Norwegians, Swedes, Iranians, Spaniards, Africans.... the list goes on and on. In fact the bulk of defenders were not even German. Imagine that. The last stand of the Third Reich, defended by foreign born troops. They met a fiery death because they believed in what they were fighting for. Look it up.

     There were plans for the German armies and her allies in Russia, fighting Communism, to link up straight-away with the Japanese armies. Imagine, these great world powers, allies for many years, of such different races and cultures, meeting as friends on the battlefield, and then fighting together for a common goal. The Land of the Rising Sun and the Sons of the Swastika.

     Japan wanted an Asia for Asians. The European occupiers had practically enslaved the Asian people in their 'colonies.' Germany and her European allies were also fighting those same world powers. They also believed that a people should be led by their own race. The world would then be in balance, the way nature intended. In fact, when Japan liberated the Asian islands and nations previously occupied by Europeans, they asked Germany if it wanted a share of these lands, and the answer was no! For too long empires, conquest, and ultimately greed, had set out to enslave foreign lands.

     Anyone who knows the truth, knows that countries didn't lose the second world war, mankind lost WW2. That the same age-old powers-that-be had won again. Their victory came at a terrible cost. They butchered tens of millions with their indiscriminate bombs. Over four million Germans died in concentration camps of starvation and the elements after the war was over. Look it up. Communist soldiers, berserk with propaganda, raped millions of German women, MILLIONS, from ages 6 to 90! Many of them after the war was over. Research it for yourself.

     Recently declassified United States documents reveal that the president of the United States knew about the impending attack on Pearl Harbor and did nothing about it. In fact, he and his administration took measures to hide it. Not only did they know about it in advance, but they also instigated it. They would do anything to bring America into WW2, and since Japan was a friend and ally of Germany, they knew that by instigating a war with Japan, Germany would have to follow. They violated Japan's waters. They even strafed her boats with machine gun fire. The information is out there, take the time to find it.

     Books could be written and some have been, although not easily obtainable, about the truth of WW2 (check out the great works by historian Veronica Clark). I haven't the time or desire to go deeper into this now. But I implore you, question what you've been taught. We've all been taught lies. The good guys lost World War Two. Mankind lost World War Two. The tyrants won. But the war isn't over. Free men and women, white, black, red, yellow and brown are learning the truth.

     The truth will make you angry. The lengths they have gone to lie to us. No matter your country of origin you are a victim of the same propaganda lies. It is international. They want to divide and conquer us. They want us to hate and fear one another. But in reality, it is They who hate all of us. And it is They who shall learn to fear us as well.

     Given time, and the old Gods' will, all races shall unite and wipe this tyrant from the face of the earth. And this blue planet will sigh, bearing a lighter load, less millions of its killers and enslavers. And all of this terrible dark time will be a story to tell our children's children. It is a fated time to come. After the fire. A world anew.

     But pictures speak louder than words! Don't take our word for it, look and see for yourself! And ask yourself, why did they hide this truth from us?

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    + AFRICA +

    [Above: German military postage stamp from Tunisia, North Africa, circa March/April 1943]

    [Above: African volunteers with their Wehrmacht counterparts.]

    [Above: African auxiliary and two German Afrika Korps soldiers. Note the distinct German 'pith' sun helmet worn by the rear soldier.]

    [Above: Afrika Korps Christmas card from North Africa.]

    [Above and below: Afrika Korps ink stamps found on envelopes and postcards. 'D.A.K. stands for 'Deutsch Afrika Korps'.]

    + INDIA +

  • The Free India Legion was largely formed from volunteer prisoners of war held in Germany. Subhas Chandra Bose, a warrior for India's independence and freedom from colonial slavery, was its passionate leader. He found fertile grounds for his dreams and eager comrades in Germany.

    [Above: Waffen-SS Free India Legion sleeve shield]

    [Waffen SS volunteer, Division Azad Hind (Free India), Monte Casino, Italy.]

    [Above: These Azad Hind (Free India) postage stamps were made in Berlin in 1943 for the Waffen SS Indian Legion, but were never issued due to worsening conditions of the war. Note the first stamp, a Waffen SS Indian soldier bears a German machine gun (MG-42), and the last stamp depicting India breaking the chains of colonialism.]

    [Above: Indian officers. Note the German award ribbon on the left soldier's jacket. This ribbon represents the Iron Cross medal, which was a coveted decoration, awarded for feats of bravery.]

    [Above: Another Azad Hind postage stamp.]

    [Above & below: Indian Waffen SS volunteers (Free India or 'Azad Hind' Legion) of the 950th Infantry Regiment on the 'Atlantic Wall' (Bay of Biscay) being inspected by Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, circa summer 1943...]

    [Below: Azad Hind propaganda poster.]

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    + BRITAIN +

    [Above: Arnold Spencer Leese, circa 1936, leader and founder of the Imperial Fascist League. The I.F.L. operated between the years 1928 and 1939.]

    [Above: Female I.F.L. member said to be Mrs Leese outside their offices in Charing Cross.]

    [The two above items are an armband and a membership badge from the 1930's from the British 'Imperial Fascist League' (IFL).]

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    [Above: Waffen-SS Walloon sleeve shield]

    [Above: Leon Degrelle, leader of Belgium's Fascist Rexist Party. He joined the Waffen-SS Walloon Legion as a common soldier, but in three years of heavy combat in the East he rose to command the 28th SS-Freiwilligen Grenadier Division Wallonien. He was a devoted and highly capable leader and retained his political beliefs until the day he died, some decades after the end of the war.]

    [Above: Walloon volunteers. The Walloonian people are a French speaking minority of Belgium.]

    [Above: A postage vignette honoring the Waffen SS Walloonian Legion's fight against Bolshevism.]

    [Above: A Walloonian Waffen SS recruiting poster.]

    [Above: Another Walloonian Waffen SS recruiting poster.]

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  • Click here to see postage stamps, postcards and newspapers that were issued to benefit the Walloon Waffen SS Legion.


    [Above: Turk volunteers.]

    [Above: 'Neu Turkistan' newspaper with a handbook overlaid called 'Muslim Turkistan'.]

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    + AFRICA +

    [Above: German military postage stamp from Tunisia, North Africa, circa March/April 1943]

    [Arab/African volunteer for the Africa Korps, Tunisia.]

    + FRANCE +

  • Three French Waffen-SS volunteers were awarded Germany's highest decoration, The Knight's Cross. They are:

    Legion-Unterscharfuehrer Francois Apollat (April 29, 1945)
    SS-Hauptsturmfuehrer Henri-Josef Fenet (April 29, 1944)
    Legion-Unterscharfuehrer Eugene Vaulot (April 29, 1945)

  • After France was occupied by the invading Allied armies, many thousands whom had helped free their country and/or had worked for the Vichy government were murdered by communists and other human monsters. An astounding 300,000 people were arrested which resulted in 'guilty' verdicts of 124,613 people, of which around 50,000 of those received jail sentences. 6,763 were condemned to death in civil courts (767 were actually passed sentence on), and an equal number were condemned in military tribunals. Over 50,000 others were stripped of their civil rights. Another 25,000 professionals, administration and otherwise, were also penalized. Democratic justice in all of its hypocritical, iron-fisted glory...
  • [Above: Waffen-SS French sleeve shield]

    [Waffen SS, 'The Legion of French Volunteers Against Bolshevism'.
    The remainder of this courageous force was almost completely annihilated defending Berlin.
    It has been recorded that the French Waffen-SS divisions also included a number of personnel from the French colonies, including French Indo-China (what the French colonialists called Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia), and even a lone Japanese!]

    [Below: Vichy France patches]

    [Below: Postcard and stamp honoring the French Legion Tricolore, which were French volunteers to fight Bolshevism on the Eastern Front.]

    [Below: 'Our Mother Europe' circa 1942. A strange and funny postcard from France. Check out the British chick going into the Jewish/American trap-box! Two other chicks, Sweden and Switzerland, being neutral countries, are sort of wandering around not sure what to do.]

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    + THAILAND +

    [Thai volunteer in the service of the Wehrmacht, circa 1944 in southern France.]

    + SPAIN +

  • When it came time to raise a division of volunteers from Spain there was such a turn-out that over two divisions worth of men showed up to volunteer. The Spanish were extremely eager to fight Communism, which had nearly destroyed their country during the Spanish Civil War a few years earlier (not to mention pay back their German comrades who had fought alongside them in their civil war). After a grueling nearly 700 mile march to the Russian Front, the brave and tenacious Spaniards proved their worth under fire.

    [Above: Waffen-SS Spanish sleeve shield]

    [Spanish volunteers of the 'Division Azul' or 'Blue Division.'
    Even after the fortunes of war turned against Germany and its Axis partners and the leader of Spain ordered the division home, thousands (close to 3,000)
    refused, choosing instead to fight on with their German comrades, who previously in 1936 had helped Spain win its civil war against the communists.
    On the Eastern Front, if Russian commanders found out they would be facing the Spanish division, they were known to lie to their men and tell them they would be facing 'regular' army soldiers. Such was their reputation for courage and fighting ability. These utterly loyal and ferocious Spaniards would later fight to the death defending Berlin. They were amongst the very last defenders of the ruins of the capital of the Reich, attached to Division Nordland, in the 'Unit Ezquerra' (named after their captain, Miguel Ezquerra, a veteran of the Blue Division).]

    [Above: Spanish Division Azul in Madrid]

    [Above: Here are seen girls from Spain's Fascist 'Falange' party. On their chests is the symbol of the Falange party.]

    [Above: ...]

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    [Above: German Military postage stamp from Tunisia, North Africa, circa March/April 1943]

    ['Die Wehrmacht' was a popular soldiers magazine of the time. Here a black African poses in Afrika Korp attire.]

    + ARABIA +

    [Above: Waffen-SS Free Arab Legion sleeve shield]

    [Above & below: Muslim Waffen SS volunteers in the 'Free Arab Legion.']

    [Below: A column of Arab volunteers with German personnel. Note the white armband, which is pictured below.]

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    + JAPAN +

    [Tomoyuki Yamashita, Japanese military genius nicknamed 'The Tiger of Malaya.'
    He tricked the British into surrendering Singapore, even though his troops were badly outnumbered, low on ammunition, starving and suffering from malaria.
    At a cost of 3,000 dead, 30,000 Japanese captured 80,000 British prisoners and the 'invincible' fortress of Singapore. For this feat he was executed by the Allies after the war. Talk about cowardly sore losers!
    He was officially charged with war crimes, even though the crimes in question didn't even happen under his jurisdiction, but under the Navy's and under his Japanese rival's command. It was apparent to all that he was innocent of these charges, the reporters covering his show trial even voted 12 to 0 to acquit him. In the end he was guilty of embarrassing the British and murdered for his cleverness. He was hung on 2-24-1946. His last words being: 'I will pray for the Emperor's long life and his prosperity forever.']

    [Above: British surrender of Singapore, 2-15-1942. On the right foreground is Lt General A.E. Percival, British commander of Singapore. On the left is Tomoyoki Yamashita.]

    + MONGOLIA +

    [Mongolian/Russian volunteers taken prisoner by the Americans in Normandy, circa July 1944.]

    + JAPAN +

    [Above: Japanese women honoring the Axis. Alfred Rosenberg called the Japanese 'The Aryans of the East.']

    [Above: 'Good friends in three countries' - Japanese poster from 1938 celebrating the cooperation between Japan, Germany, and Italy.]

    [Above: Germany and Japan fostered the exchange of their youth in one another's country. There the youth would learn about various cultural and societal customs.]

    [Above: Here is a German-Japanese youth exchange badge.]

    [Above: In this striking image a samurai rises from the Pacific ocean and destroys American and British warships.]

    [Above: A masterful propaganda photograph showing a wide variety of weaponry, from basic 'Arisaka' rifles with bayonets, 'type 11' machine gun, samurai and a 'knee mortar'...]

    [Above: Japanese soldiers were masters of jungle warfare and camoflauge techniques. This photo is taken from a period Japanese magazine.]

    [Above: Magazine cover]

    [Above: Japanese propaganda leaflet dropped on British/American troops in the Pacific]

    + GREECE +

    [Greece, before British control. In December 1932 George S. Mercouris founded a Greek National Socialist party who adamantly supported Adolf Hitler.]

    [Above: General Ioannis Metaxas, the prime minister of fascist Greece from 1936-1941. His party was called 'The 4th of August Regime'. He died under mysterious circumstances. Many believe that the British assassinated him.]

    [Above: ...]

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    + RUSSIA +

    [Above: Waffen-SS Free Russian Legion 'Don' sleeve shield]

    [Above: General Andrey Vlasov, a fierce anti-Communist, persuaded many of his Russian countrymen to fight for the Axis.]

    [Above: Russian volunteer sporting a combat version (less colorful) of the above 'Don' patch. Circa 1943.]

    [Above: Russian volunteers for the Luftwaffe, the 'ROA'. Germany and its Axis allies were at war with communism, not the Russian people, therefore many Russians were eager to join them.]

    [Above: Somewhere in the vastness of Russia Adolf Hitler is honored.]

    [Above: Like nearly every country on earth, Russia also had a National Socialist movement. Seen here members of 'ROND' or 'Rossiiskoye Natsionalno-Sotsialistcheskoye Dvizheniye' (Russian National-Socialist Movement) in Berlin in May of 1933.]

    [Above: On this Russian poster a Communist is being attacked by his liberated countryman as the Axis armies march on. Note the many Axis flags above the army and the traditional Russian flag above the attacking soldier.]

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    + INDIA +

    [Above: Waffen-SS Free India Legion sleeve shield]

    [Subhas Chandra Bose. Spirtual leader of the Waffen SS Indian Legion and leader of the movement to free India from British occupation. Today he is seen by many Indians as Americans see George Washington. He lived in Berlin during the Third Reich. It is believed that he died on August 18, 1945 in a plane crash above Taiwan. Some say he was assassinated, others say he never died and faked his death. He lived to be 48 years old. His statue, in military uniform, stands in the Indian parliament with those of India's two most revered leaders: Mohandas K. Gandhi, and the country's first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru. His ashes are kept at Renkoji Temple near Tokyo.]

    [In February 1943 Chandra Bose (seen here wearing Wehrmacht cap) traveled to Japan on German U-boat 180. Once there he would meet Japan's Premier Hideki Tojo and the Emperor Hirohito himself. The cargo of U-boat 180 was also very significant. It contained samples of various German weapons and machine parts, a sample of quinine for future Japanese shipments (quinine is a drug used to treat malaria and was badly needed for Japan's tropical war in the Pacific), blueprints for jet engines and V-1 and V-2 rockets, as well as other items for Japanese technical evaluation. It is a little known fact that the Germans and Japanese were very close allies and friends. The fact that they shared their most top secret weapons and technologies is a testament to this. Below is an example of such shared technology. The German Me 163B Komet interceptor's blueprints were shared with the Japanese and used to build a Japanese version.]

    [Above: The German Me 163B Komet]

    [Above: The Japanese Mitsubishi J8M Shusui. Japan manufactured this jet fighter from German blueprints even though one of the submarines carrying half of the data was sunk on its way to Japan. Top secret information was often given in multiple parts in case it were to fall into enemy hands.]

    [Above: German jet Me-262, another outstanding piece of German technology freely shared with Japan.]

    [Above: The 'Nakajima Kikka', a naval attack fighter. This was Japan's first jet. It was flown for the first time on July 7, 1945. It was based on the above German Me-262 jet.]

    [Above: This is a piloted Japanese version of the German V-1 rocket! It is said to have been a kamikaze plane. Note the 'sights' in front of the windshield for aiming the plane!]

  • Read Chandra Bose's farewell message to U-boat 180

  • Located on the island of Penang (Malaysia) was a major base for the Indian National Army. It is believed to have been occupied by up to 10,000 men (in 1942), which had joined the Axis cause. One feature at this base was a training school, the 'Swaraj Institute', which sent agents into India for espionage and propaganda work.

    [Above: This envelope, sent on December 15, 1968, bears two commemorative Azad Hind (Free India) stamps for the 25th anniversary of the 'Azad Hind Government,' bearing Subhas Chandra Bose's image. Strange to see a post-World War Two image honoring ANYTHING Axis related huh?

    + AFRICA +

    [Above: German military postage stamp from Tunisia, North Africa, circa March/April 1943]

    [African volunteers with Germany's Luftwaffe.]


    [The Grand Mufti Amin al-Husayni of Jerusalem.
    An ally of Germany and the Axis, he used his extremely influential position to help Germany recruit Muslims into the Waffen SS.
    He personally met with Adolf Hitler several times during the war. As a historical note, he is also the uncle of Yasser Arafat.
    Commando extraordinaire Otto Skorzeny met with al-Husayni several times and considered him 'One of the most amazing men I ever met'.
    He described him as a visually 'striking man', with blue eyes and a long white beard.
    ('Otto Skorzeny - My Commando Operations - The Memoirs of Hitler's Most Daring Commando'. First published in 1975.)]

    [Above: Here al-Husayni is meeting with Adolf Hitler.]

    [Above: Here a soldier from the Waffen SS division 'Handshar' pins up a picture of the Grand Mufti.]

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    + AFRICA +

    [Africans saluting a banner of Mussolini.]

    + ARABIA +

  • A vast majority of Arab peoples supported the Axis during WW2. They saw in Adolf Hitler the same thing as their European, Asian and African counterparts. He was a savior. Since Germany had no colonial interests, he was to be their liberator.
    After France's defeat to Germany in 1940, jubilant Arabs chanted against the French and British on streets of Damascus: "No more Monsieur, no more Mister, Allah's in Heaven and Hitler's on earth."
    Posters in Arabic were common in shop windows and decorated various towns of Syria with the words: "In heaven God is your ruler, on earth Hitler".

    [A Muslim auxiliary in German service in the Balkans.]

    + FINLAND +

    [Above: A Finnish 'Waffenbruder' meaning 'brother in arms' of the Waffen SS.]

    [Above: Finnish soldiers of the '1.Kp.Finnisches Frw.Bn.d.W-SS' at Gross Born Truppenlager, 1941.]

    [Above: Finnish Stug III tanks. Note the swastikas painted on the front of their tanks.]

    [Above: Many Finns fought with the Axis even after their country called them home from fighting on the Eastern Front. When the war was over many Finns were still serving in Waffen-SS Division Nordland.]

    [Above: A Finnish postage stamp from 1943 bearing a 'stahlhelm' and swastika.]

    [Above: A Finnish postage stamp from the same set, also from 1943.]

    [Above: Finnish soldiers during its conflict with the USSR. Note the strange and interesting skull and crossbones unit markings on their helmets!]

    [Above: Finnish nurse in the Waffen-SS.]

    [Above: Captain Arvi Kalsta, leader of the 'SKJ', the Finnish Peoples Organization.]

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    + IRELAND +

  • Many Irish were eager supporters of Germany in WWII. In June 1940 when Germany occupied the British Channel Islands around 800 Irish laborers were to be found there. Asked to either go home or work for the Germans, nearly all of them chose to work for the Germans.
    Also of aid to Nazi Germany were the 140 or so Irish men and women who worked in propaganda and espionage training departments in Ireland.

    [Above: The Irish National Socialist 'Blue Shirts' and their female 'Blue Shirts' counterparts.
    Ireland has been fighting for its independence from Britain for hundreds of years.
    With the Axis, they would have finally been free.]

    [Above: Eoin O'Duffy was the popular leader of the 'People's National Party' which was closely aligned with Germany and its aims. O'Duffy even sent Adolf Hitler an offer that he would raise a 'Green Legion' of Irishmen to fight on the Russian front. O'Duffy was no stranger to battle, he had previously led a 700 strong pro-Franco Irish brigade in the Spanish Civil War. In the 1940's O'Duffy spent time in Germany discussing a free Ireland and how he could assist the Axis in its war against Britain. Unfortunately, Eoin O'Duffy died in 1944 before he could carry out many of his dreams of Irish independence. He was given a state funeral and buried in Glasnevin Cemetery in Dublin, alongside his comrades and other Irish freedom fighters.]

    [Above: Germany and the Axis cause found many supporters and friends amongst the Irish people, who assisted the Axis war effort whenever possible. This included denying the Allies access to strategic ports and even assisting German U-Boats. British intelligence reported that 'Dingle Bay' and the inlets on the coast of county Kerry and Cork were open for use for the refueling of German U-boats, which in turn attacked Allied convoys and shipping.

    [Above: General Eoin O'Duffy. Circa 1933]


    In 1932 a New York Times journalist wrote: 'Women have been among the strongest pillars of Hitlerism from its very inception… At Nazi meetings the proportion of women in attendance is surprisingly large. '
    He was right. Fifty percent of the National Socialist vote in 1932 came from women.

    Adolf Hitler once said: 'I left jail after thirteen months imprisonment to find women had sustained the movement. Instead of weighing the odds in a prudent and rational manner, they followed the dictates of their hearts and have stood by me, emotionally speaking, to this day.'

    [Above: Hanna Reitsch, National Socialist and friend to Adolf Hitler.
    Women were never more cherished and free than in the Third Reich, despite the lies and propaganda saying otherwise.
    Hanna was the first woman to fly a jet and a helicopter.
    She set over 40 records of endurance and altitude, some records still stand today!
    She was awarded the Iron Cross 1st Class and Luftwaffe Combined Pilots-Observation Badge in Gold with Diamonds.]

  • 'I am not ashamed to say I believed in National Socialism. I still wear the Iron Cross with Diamonds Hitler gave me. But today in all Germany you can't find a single person who voted Adolf Hitler into power... many Germans feel guilty about the war. But they don't explain the real guilt we share-that we lost.' -Hanna Reitsch, in a 1970's interview with Ron Laytner

    [Above: Gertrud Scholtz-Klink, whom was leader of the National Socialist women's organization 'NS-Frauenschaft' from 1934-1945, was a die-hard supporter of National Socialism and Adolf Hitler her entire life, despite barbarous jail sentences for her beliefs after the war. She was interviewed in 1987 by Claudia Koonz who wrote '… this was not an ex-Nazi. She remained as much a Nazi now as she had been in 1945 or 1933. Without a trace of irony, she recalled, ‘If you could have seen the women of Berlin defending their city with their lives against the Russians, then you would believe how deeply German women loved our Fuehrer.’]

    In 1936 she gave a speech where she said:

  • 'The National Socialist movement sees the man and the woman as equal bearers of Germany’s future. It asks, however, for more than in the past: that each should first completely accomplish the tasks that are appropriate to his or her nature.

  • Click here to see more pictures of Gertrud Scholtz-Klink

    [Above: Florentine Rost van Tonningen (November 14, 1914 – March 24, 2007) was the wife of Meinoud Rost van Tonningen, the second leader of the National Socialist Movement in the Netherlands (NSB) and President of the National Bank. Very soon after the war, Meinoud died in the Scheveningen prison while awaiting trial. He allegedly jumped over the balustrade of a staircase. His widow always contended that her husband had been murdered. This truth was supported by eye-witness testimony from fellow prisoners. After the war Florentine remained a staunch National Socialist. Numerous times she was convicted of distributing NS literature and organizing National Socialist meetings. She suffered for her beliefs, her home was repeatedly searched by the police, always without result, and was more than once targeted by arsonists. So much for democracy. But these cowards couldn't break her iron spirit. She died a proud National Socialist.]

  • Click here to see more pictures of Florentine Rost van Tonningen

    [Above: Leni Riefenstahl (August 22, 1902 – September 8, 2003), Hitler's favorite actress/director, responsible for the monumental film Triumph of the Will.]

    [Above: Francoise Dior (April 7, 1932 – January 20, 1993) grew up in France during the Nazi occupation. She has said that her 'sweetest memory' as a child was 'a compliment from an SS man who said, 'What a beautiful little Aryan girl.' She was also a wealthy heiress who funded post-war National Socialist movements, including the 'World Union of National Socialists'. She became romantically involved with two British greats of National Socialism, John Tyndall and Colin Jordan, marrying the latter. Controversy still surrounds Francoise Dior to this day, being that she was the niece of French fashion designer Christian Dior. During her extremely colorful life she was friends with many famous National Socialists, including Savitri Devi. In 1966 she was imprisoned in Nice for four months for posting swastika leaflets on the walls of the British embassy. In April of 1967 she was also arrested in Britain and sent to Holloway prison after being charged with arson against London synagogues in 1965.]

  • Click here to see more pictures of Francoise Dior

    + BRAZIL +

    [There were many branches of the Hitler Youth all around the world, here is one from Brazil.
    Take note of the native Brazilian on the upper right of the photo.]


    [One would swear this picture was taken in Germany, but it's not. It is in Argentina. It was taken in 1941 in Buenos Aires as Argentine troops were on parade. Many South American countries were close friends to Germany and the Axis.]

    + COLOMBIA +

    [Columbian troops wearing helmets based on German pattern. Circa 1942.]

    + ESTONIA +

  • Four Estonian Waffen-SS volunteers were awarded Germany's highest decoration, The Knight's Cross. They are:

    SS-Hauptsturmfuehrer Paul Maitla (August 23, 1944)
    Waffen-Unterscharfuehrer Haralt Nugiseks (April 9, 1944)
    SS-Sturmbannfuehrer Alfons Rebane (February 23, 1944)
    SS-Obersturmbannfuehrer Haraldt Riipalu (August 23, 1944)

    [Above: Waffen-SS Estonian sleeve shield]

    [Above: Estonian soldiers were among the proudest and most effective of the Waffen SS volunteers.
    Some of their heroic battles in the end days are like something from a tragic fairytale, the stuff of legend.
    Here is the Estonian Waffen SS in 1944.]

    [Above: Two Estonian Waffen SS soldiers on leave in Prag. One sports a bandaged leg and cane.]

    [Above: Estonian soldiers prepare to fire a German 'Panzerschreck' during the Battle of Narva,1944.]

    [Above: A kitten, a flower and a grenade! These decorated Estonian Waffen SS men know a few things about having fun.]

    [Above: This odd postcard from 1941 bears the stamps of three different nations: the postcard itself is Russian, and it bears one German stamp and two Estonian stamps. These odd combinations, or frankings, can often be found in the chaos and confusion of war.]

    [Above: Waffen-SS Estonian sleeve coat-of-arms shield variation]

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  • Click here to see posters and Estonian postage stamps

    + LATVIA +

  • A whopping eleven Latvian Waffen-SS volunteers were awarded Germany's highest decoration, The Knight's Cross. Latvia had the highest number of Knight's Cross recipients. They are:

    Legion-Untersturmfuehrer Miervaldis Adamsons (January 25, 1945)
    Waffen-Untersturmfuehrer Roberts Ancans (January 25, 1945)
    Waffen-Hauptscharfuehrer Zanis Ansons (January 25, 1945)
    Waffen-Obersturmbannfuehrer Karlis Aperats (September 21, 1944)
    Waffen-Hauptsturmfuehrer Zanis Butkus(September 21, 1944)
    SS-Obersturmfuehrer Andrejs Freimanis (May 5, 1945)
    Waffen-Obersturmfuehrer Roberts Gaigals (May 5, 1945)
    Waffen-Obersturmbannfuehrer Nikoljas Galdins (January 25, 1945)
    Waffen-Sturmbannfuehrer Voldermar Reinholds (May 9, 1945)
    SS-Unterscharfuehrer Alfreds Riekstins (April 5, 1945)
    Waffen-Standartenfuehrer Woldermars Veiss (February 9, 1944)

    [Above: A Waffen-SS Latvian soldier fires a Panzerfaust in the final days of the war.]

    [Above: Waffen-SS Latvian volunteers in action against the Red army in late 1944. Here a sniper and his spotter go in for the kill.]

    [Above: Waffen-SS Latvian volunteers in action on the Eastern Front late 1944.]

    [Above: The Waffen-SS Latvian Legion on Latvian Independence Day, 1943.]

    [Above: Two Latvian newspapers from August 26-27, 1941. It is called 'Tevija.' Click on either to see more details.]

    [Above: This currency-like note was for purchasing various textiles. This denomination is one 'punkt' and expired April 30, 1945.]

  • Click here to see more photographs of Latvian volunteers


    [Above: A Lithuanian police batallion volunteer. Note the German style collar tabs on this man's uniform. A total of 38 Lithuanian police battalions were formed.]

    [Above: Lithuanian volunteers in the Waffen SS train with a 8.8cm Raketen-panzerbuchse 54 anti tank weapon nicknamed 'panzerschrek', which means 'tank terror']

    + KOREA +

    [The name of the soldier in this photo is Kyoungjong Yang. He was born in Shin Euijoo, Northwestern Korea on March 3, 1920. His story was revealed in an article of ‘Weekly Korea’ on Dec. 6th, 2002.]

    + JAPAN +

    [Adolf Hitler gave a speech (January 30, 1939, Berlin, Reichstag) in 1939 that illustrates very well the alliance between Germany and Japan. It is as follows:

    'The Japanese nation, which in the last two years has set us so many examples of glorious heroism, is undoubtedly fighting in the service of civilization at the other side of the world. Her collapse would not benefit the civilized nations of Europe or of other parts of the world, but would only lead to the certain triumph of bolshevism in the Far East.'

    Prophetic isn't it? We all know Communism, with the help of the United States, grips China and much of Asia with an iron fist. The United States is now hopelessly in debt to Communist China for trillions of dollars... Let's also not forget that the United States waged two unsuccessful wars against Communism in the decades that followed World War Two (Korea and Vietnam). The future was, and indeed still is, everything that Adolf Hitler warned us about!]

    [Above: German Kriegsmarine sailors with a Japanese comrade.]

    [Above: U-boat 861 crew chief Max Schley with 2 Japanese engineers helping with its overhaul.]

    [Above: Aboard U-boat 180, here is Shosa Hideo Tomonaga, a Japanese submarine design specialist.
    Tomonaga commited suicide in 1945 on another U-boat rather than surrender.]

    [Above: Commander of U-boat 861, Jurgen Oesten, celebrating with Japanese friends.]


    [Above: German military postage stamp from Tunisia, North Africa, circa March/April 1943]

    [Above: Construction workers employed by the 'Todt Organization', a vast organization employing over two million workers. It was responsible for repairing roads, railways, airfields and also for building fortifications. Here, in this colorized photograph, three clearly non-white members, from North Africa, are building submarine shelters.]

    + CROATIA +

    [Above: Waffen SS Handschar collar tab]

    [Above: Seen here are Muslim troops of the Waffen-SS Croatian 13th Division 'Handshar.' Their special 'fez' style hats were permitted for prayer, I assume. Of note is the fact that the Muslim world was very pro-German. There were pro-National Socialist governments and uprising in countries like Persia (Iran), Syria, Lebanon and Iraq, just to name a few. The British and their allies even had to send troops in all of these cases to crush the will of the people.]

    [Above: Recruitment poster for Croatians and Bosnians for the Waffen SS. A Christian and a Muslim are shown here united against Bolshevism.]

    [Above: Another recruitment poster for Croatians and Bosnians for the Waffen SS, this one mentioning Adolf Hitler and Croatian Leader Ante Pavelic. Like the poster symbolism above, a Christian and a Muslim are shown here united against Bolshevism.]


    [Above: Waffen SS Handschar collar tab]

    [Above: Officers of the Yugoslavian Muslim division 'Handschar' in 1944.]

    [Above: Postcard depicting Yugoslavian Prince Regent Paul and Princess Olga. This was was released for their state visit to Berlin in 1939.]

    + BOSNIA +

  • Handschar (Bosnian/Croatian: Handžar) was the local word for the Turkish scimitar, a historical symbol of Bosnia and Islam. An image of the Handschar adorned the division's flag and coat of arms.

    [Above: Waffen SS Handschar collar tab]

    [Five Bosnian brothers in the 13th 'Handshar' Muslim Division of the Waffen SS, circa 1943/1944.]

  • Click here to see more pictures of Muslim Waffen SS volunteers

    + JAPAN +

    [Above: Here is a German postcard with a message in Japanese characters from 1942, sent from Berlin to Hamburg. Unfortunately, I have no clue what it says, but it is an interesting artifact of German-Japanese cooperation and friendship. Both countries had civilian, scientific and military exchange programs. The two allies had a deep respect for one another, despite having very different cultures and languages. There were approximately 10,000 Japanese nationals who lived in Germany during the Third Reich. Strange that the liars who rule this world try to convince us otherwise. If you still believe in the lies and propaganda after reading and seeing this page than you are a valuable slave to their disintegrating empire.]

    + SWEDEN +

    [Above: Here is a grim picture of the aftermath of the Battle of Berlin. The armored vehicle has been identified by a Swedish historian as belonging to a Swedish volunteer unit attached to SS Nordland. Another example, like that of Spain, who also was neutral, of private individuals leaving their countries of origin to fight for the Axis. Just think, Swedes dying defending Berlin?! But as I've said before, many of Berlin's defenders were not German. A fact they hide from us.]

    [Above: Here is a sheet of advertising stamps for the Swedish Nazi Party.]

    + RUSSIA +

    [Above: Pictured here is a Cossack volunteer (from Russia). History paints them amongst the most tenacious, bold and brave fighters of World War Two. This man is a machine gunner and holds an MG-42 German machine gun.]

    [Above: Here is a magazine devoted to Cossack Waffen-SS from 1943.]

  • Click here to see more pictures of Cossack volunteers plus volunteers from that region


  • Three Danish Waffen-SS volunteers were awarded Germany's highest decoration, The Knight's Cross. They are:

    SS-Obersturmfuehrer Johannes Hellmers (March 5, 1945)
    SS-Untersturmfuehrer Soeren Kam (February 7, 1945)
    SS-Unterscharfuehrer Egon Christophersen (July 11, 1944)

  • Four Belgian Waffen-SS volunteers were awarded Germany's highest decoration, The Knight's Cross. They are:

    SS-Hauptsturmfuehrer Leon Degrelle (February 20, 1944)
    SS-Untersturmfuehrer Leon Gillis (September 30, 1944)
    SS-Untersturmfuehrer Jacques Leroy (April 20, 1945)
    SS-Sturmmann Remi Schrijnen (September 21, 1944)

  • Four Dutch Waffen-SS volunteers were awarded Germany's highest decoration, The Knight's Cross. They are:

    SS-Rottenfuehrer Derk-Elsko Bruins (August 23, 1944)
    SS-Sturmmann Gerardus Mooijman (February 20, 1943)
    SS-Unterscharfuehrer Kaspar Sporck (October 23, 1944)

    [Above: Danish Waffen SS Christian Frederik von Schalburg. This is a postal label honoring him.]

  • Click here to see more pictures of Christian Frederik von Schalburg

    [Above: Pictured here, in 1941, a volunteer for the Danish Legion of the Waffen SS is interviewed in Copenhagen.]

    [Above: Pictured here, also in 1941, are more Danish volunteers.]

    [Above: Circa 1941.]

    [Above: Here is a Dutch armband. It translates as 'In the service of the German army'.]

    [Above: Fritz Clausen, the leader of Denmark's own Nazi party. It was called the 'Danmarks Nationalsocialistiske Arbejderparti'.]

    [Above: A vignette stamp of the DNSAP.]

    [Above: An envelope sent to the Danish Nazi party from Berlin.]

  • Click here to see additional photographs of the DNSAP party

  • Click here to see photographs of the Netherlands Legion (including Flemish, Danish and Belgian legions)

  • Click here to see recruiting posters for the Netherlands Legion (including Flemish, Danish and Belgian)

  • Click here to see postage stamps and related material issued to benefit the Netherlands Legion


    [Above: Pictured here during a ceremony are Flemish Waffen SS volunteers (Flemish people are from a Dutch speaking part of Belgium).]

    [Above: Flemish SS infantry division recruiting poster.]

  • Click here to see more photographs of Belgian volunteers

  • Click here to see postage stamps that were issued to benefit the Flemish Legion

    + INDIA +

    [Above: Waffen-SS Free India Legion sleeve shield]

    [Below: Asit Krishna Mukherji (1898 - March 21, 1977) was a Bengali Brahmin from India.
    He was a fervent National Socialist and published a pro-Axis newspaper in the late 1930's called The New Mercury.
    He is perhaps best known for his marriage to Savitri Devi in 1940 (6-9-1940) in order to protect her from deportation and internment by the British who occupied India at that time.
    When The New Mercury was banned by the British government he began publishing another newspaper called The Eastern Economist, which was in collaboration with the Japanese.
    Mukherji was instrumental in connecting Subhas Chandra Bose with the Japanese. This introduction led Bose to form the Indian National Army.
    After the war he published several of Savitri Devi's most venerated books about National Socialism and Adolf Hitler.]

    [Below: Savitri Devi, circa 1937]

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